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Petrol price in SA drops 67 cents per litre
Posted by on Sep 3rd, 2014

Didn’t think i’d ever be typing out a headline that included a decrease in the price of fuel in SA, but as today, August 3, the petrol price has dropped a rather significant 67 cents per litre and diesel a 24 cents a litre. I’ll let you rejoice for a brief moment while you do a happy dance, but as soon as you’re done you can let out a sigh at the news of an expected 25 basis points increase in interest rates which will pretty much cancel out that price drop.

Here’s a handy little graph though via EWN showing the price of petrol in SA over the past year.

Damn i don’t even remember November 2013.

“The department says the reason behind the decrease is that the average rand to the dollar exchange rate decreased.

The department also says that the slate levy on petrol and diesel is also being stopped.” [EWN]

Good times.

For now.

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