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The combined FAIL compilation for May and June 2014 is here [video]
Posted by on Jun 30th, 2014

There was no FAIL complation for May, so the folks over at Twisternederland created a bumper 2 month edition that included the best fails from both May and June 2014. So start your week off being thankful that you are never this unlucky or stupid enough to recieve some instant karma for doing dumb sh*t like the folks in this video.

Warning: for some reason there was an above average amount of clips that included some proper eina moments.

Ya…out come of some of those can’t be good.

Getting towed at high speed on a skateboard wearing shorts and a t-shirt…not clever.

That will learn him.

June 06, 2014 at 10:41 am

Hectic stuff!

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