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Funniest pics and memes from the World Cup 2014 so far [pics]
Posted by on Jun 18th, 2014

My mate Shaun sent me a pic yesterday and i thought it was amusing enough to share with you folks. Went to search for the original and had no luck, but i did see a whole bunch of others so i may as well compile them into one post.

Funniest pics and memes from the Fifa World Cup 2014 so far

England physio Gary Lewin who dislocated his ankle on the field after celebrating their first goal against Italy.

Opening ceremony..

Girls of the World Cup…

Why Brazil defender Marcelo scored the opening own goal…

Mexican goalie Ochoa was a wall during their game against Brazil pulling off some incredible saves and ensuring a 0-0 draw

There were also plenty of Robin Van Persies amazing header, but meh.

Will keep updating as the World Cup progresses.

Good times.

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