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Knysna Food Lover’s Market now selling luxury ass snacks and ass flavoured cheese [pics]
Posted by on Mar 24th, 2014

Ah Knysna…one of my favourite places to go to and of course if you’ve been a Life is Savage reader for a while then you will know it is also the home to several spelling champions of South Africa. In the past the Knysna Pick n Pay set the benchmark with gems like “chick buggers, frozen finger cheese and ass porridge ‘ but the Food Lover’s Market down the road is giving them some serious competition with these quality items for sale.

Ass snacks anyone?

Ok so the last one they remembered to put the full stop after ass, but let’s ignore it because ass flavours is sensational.

Well played Food Lover’s Market.

For previous Knysna spelling gems click HERE.

Will post the Pick n Pay fails on another day.

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