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They are now selling ‘Ultimate Turd’ at the Knysna Checkers [pic]
Posted by on Jan 22nd, 2014

Regular readers will know that whenever i go to Knysna i always visit the local Pick n Pay because it’s a guarantee that i’ll find some classic spelling fails on product labels. In the past the spelling champion at that store has given us gems like ‘Chick Buggers’ and ‘Porridge Ass’ HERE and even the nearby Fruit & Veg City once had ‘Ass chillies’ on sale. Seems like Checkers felt left out though because someone spotted this on the shelves in the Knysna store recently.

They didn’t even bother with selling ‘ass’ products…they went next level.

R476 might seem pricey…but remember this is not your regular turd.

It’s the ULTIMATE turd. Limited edition and everything.

Knysna…home of labelling legends.

[thanks @JeannineOrz and pic via @drkatzdj ]

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