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Uber, the mobile app taxi service may soon be more valuable than Facebook
Posted by on Dec 10th, 2013

Ok so for the past few weeks i’ve quitely sat back and watched several South African social media praise the recently launced mobile app taxi service Uber. At first i thought it was just another chauffeur transportation service trying to force their way into the SA market with aggressive marketing tactics roping in social media influencers. It was hard to miss those ‘Sign up with Uber now and use our code to get R150 off your first ride’ tweets. I didn’t wanna be that guy so i sat back and waited to see what happened. Will it work , what would the response from the locals be etc. Then i saw an article that basically valued Uber at a staggering $3.5 billion. Say what…billions for a taxi service?! Yes that was my reaction. Then yesterday i read another article that has proper peaked my interest...Uber might be more valuable than Facebook one day. They threw in a figure of it growing into a company worth $100 billion with five years.

Yes..that is a ridiculous amount of tin for a company that essentially uses a mobile application that connects passengers with drivers of luxury vehicles for hire. So why the massive interest.

Well the explanation in the article was rather simple. Uber is starting much like Amazon once did. At irst Amazon just sold and delivered books and now you can nearly get anything from them. In much the same way…Uber is only transporting people right now, but they could do the exact same and deliver pretty much anything.

“Uber’s plan is to outgrow its car-service roots, and become, as investor Shervin Pishevar put it, “a digital mesh” capable of providing all kinds of transportation and logistical services to people in the cities it serves. Once it has you summoning cars from your phone, the logic goes, it can use that same back-end technology to hook you in for all other kinds of deliveries — food, clothes, Christmas trees. And eventually, like Amazon, it can become something akin to an all-purpose utility — it’ll just be a way you get things and go places. There’s a reason the company recently changed its tagline from “Everyone’s private driver” to the much broader “Where lifestyle meets logistics.” [NY Mag]


Think i need to get involved.

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