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From today, Cape Town motorists will have to be at least 1m from cyclists
Posted by on Nov 21st, 2013

Heads up to all drivers and cyclists in the Western Cape. From today (21 November 2013) onwards, all motorists are legally required to be at least 1 meter away from cyclists. AND more importantly cyclists are no longer allowed to ride abreast unless overtaking.  The new regulations were published in the Government Gazette yesterday.

Failure to adhere to the regulations would result in a fine or up to one year in jail.

1 meter

It was initially meant to be a gap of 1.5 meters between cyclist and motorist, but it seems they settled on a meter.

Here are some of the new regulations

Duties of driver of motor vehicle when passing cyclist
2. (1) The driver of a motor vehicle who passes a cyclist on a public road must—
(a) exercise due care while passing the cyclist;
(b) leave a distance between the motor vehicle and the cyclist of at least one metre; and
© maintain that distance from the cyclist until safely clear of the cyclist.
(2) Despite any solid barrier line or other road traffic sign prohibiting encroachment upon the right-hand side of the road, the driver of a motor vehicle on a public road may, where the roadway is not wide enough to comply with subregulation (1)(b) or © when passing a cyclist, encroach on that part of the road to his or her right, but only if—
(a) it can be done without obstructing or endangering other persons or vehicles;
(b) it is safe to do so; and
© it can be done and is done for a period and distance not longer than is necessary to pass the cyclist.

Duties of cyclists
3. (1) A cyclist riding on a public road must—
(a) if the road has a pedal cycle lane, ride only in the pedal cycle lane and may not ride on any other portion of a public road except when crossing the road; or
(b) if there is no pedal cycle lane, ride—
(i) to the left of the left edge of the roadway; or
(ii) on the roadway, keeping as close as practicable to the left edge of the roadway.
(2) When riding on a public road, a cyclist must—
(a) give conspicuous driving signals as contemplated in regulation 300 and Part II of Chapter X of the National Regulations; and
(b) stop in the circumstances contemplated in regulation 307 of the National Regulations.

(3) A person may not ride a pedal cycle on a public road
(a) on the right-hand side of a motor vehicle proceeding in the same direction, except when passing that motor vehicle or turning right at an intersection;
(b) abreast of another cyclist proceeding in the same direction, except when passing that cyclist;
© while wearing a headset, headphones or any listening device other than a hearing aid; or
(d) while carrying another person on the pedal cycle, unless that pedal cycle is specifically equipped to carry more than one person.
(4) A cyclist must exercise due care while—
(a) passing a motor vehicle or turning right in the circumstances described in subregulation (3)(a); or
(b) passing another cyclist in the circumstances described in subregulation (3)(b).

Click HERE to see all the regulation in the Government Gazette.

Now you know.

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