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Awesome video of 5 yr old leukemia sufferer, Miles, getting to be Batman for a day
Posted by on Nov 19th, 2013

I said earlier this morning that i’d try and post stories today that would make me happy and make people smile…well this one will definitely do the job. It may also make you shed a few tears, but in a good way because it’s awesome and will restore your faith in humanity. Miles is a 5 year old boy who’s leukemia is in remission and the Make-A-Wish Foundation along with over 10 000 volunteers from the city of San Francisco made his wish of being a superhero for a day come true. Last Friday he got to be BatKid for the day and it was awesome.

The San Franscico Chronicle newspaper printed a special edition with him on the front page and even President Obama sent him a video message.

Here’s a video of his day.

That is outstanding..well done Make-A-Wish and the people of San Francisco. I salute you.

You can check all the stuff and pics he got to do HERE.

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