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Here’s a pic of Taylor Swift in Cape Town [pic]
Posted by on Oct 21st, 2013

Your pointless Monday morning celebrity gossip today is brought to you by pics of Taylor Swift in Cape Town. I say pointless not because it’s Taylor Swift, becasue if you’re expecting to see images of Taylor Swift just walking on the Sea Point promenade or chilling with locals at a Vida e then sorry for you…move along. It’s no secret though that she’s in Cape Town filming The Giver, but pics of the singer/actress have been hard to come by and the only ones i could dig up are from Instagram posted by fellow cast also in the movie.

Here’s first pics of Taylor Swift in Cape Town along with fellow cast members of The Giver, Odeya Rush and Cameron Monaghan.

taylor swift

And here’s another one of just her and Odeya Rush.

taylor swift cape town

Ok then…

According to the social feeds of Rush and  Monaghan, Swift joined the cast for a get together in Cape Town a few days ago.

If you happen to spot Taylor Swift or Jeff Bridges or Meryl Streep in Cape Town then send them hey. Extra brownie points if you get a Cape Town landmark in the shot.

Good times.

[via odeyarush1]

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