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Three more jean pant criminals spotted at gym training in jeans…one with a man bag [pics]
Posted by on Oct 10th, 2013

Ok sh*t is getting out of hand now. The f**kery of going to gym to workout while wearing jeans seems to have reached new levels. Last week saw three new cases reported and so far this year we have documented proof of several never-before-seen specimens and also the frontrunner for JPC of the year…the dude spotted training in ripped patchwork jeans, white belt and smart square-toed shoes.

Let me also tell you that a reader spotted a female jean pant criminal recently. I don’t post pics of the lady criminals for obvious reasons, but reader Llewellyn described her like so “chick at gym in skinny jeans and heels on eliptical. Yes was kinda hot but still..’ You know what the elliptical machine is right?…the step machine thingy with ski-poles. How you train on that thing wearing jeans (let alone skinny jeans) and high heels is beyond me.

Now let’s get back to our new inductees into the Jean Pant Criminal hall of shame…first up is a chap spotted at a Cape Town gym. The person who submitted the pic said he was running with jazz hands on a treadmill, but unfortunately by the time the reader got close enough he had stopped. What a pity. Never-the-less our guy decided to get some cycling action in and was snapped on a static bicycle wearing your regular fitted jeans, but look…for the first time ever we have a jean pant criminal with a man bag.

jean pant criminal

A stylish jean pant criminal…

I can’t anymore.

Then we have two Johannesburg jean pant criminals..not often they are spotted in pairs in the wild, but here you go. The wannabe rapper homeboy jean pant criminal.

jean pant criminals

Shake your head at that mess.

[thanks Llewellyn, Adam and James]

Kenny says:
October 10, 2013 at 1:12 pm

What f&*kery is this!!

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