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Another Jean Pant Criminal spotted in Cape Town training in jeans and tank top [pic]
Posted by on Sep 18th, 2013

Was just last week that i posted an entirely new breed of jean pant criminal…the never-before-photographed-in-the-wild species wearing stonewashed ripped jeans, white belt and smart square-toed brown shoes while working out at gym HERE. Surely the most outrageous ensemble we’ve seen so far this year. Summer is not even in full swing and not even a week later i have been sent another pic of someone training in jeans.

Nothing spectactular this time..just your standard f**kery. Regular jeans, but our boy decided to go with a tanktop. Not often we see the jean pant with a vest on. It’s like half and half. Guess it’s frowned upon in the jean pant criminal code of conduct.

jean pant criminal

Word of caution. As is evident from the picture, it seems the reader has snapped our guy there looking straight at him. This practise is not recommended. If you’re gonna take a pic then make sure the person is not looking right at you. You never know with these jean pant criminal types. It’s obvious they already have lost a few varkies so why take the chance and risk them going full retard on you.

I don’t wanna be held responsible and one day have to post an article with the headline ‘Jean Pant Criminal loses his sh*t and kills everyone in the gym because someone took a photograph  of him training’.

[thanks N]

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