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There is snow on Table Mountain – Friday 30 August [pic]
Posted by on Aug 30th, 2013

Ok so plenty of weather reports suggested that overnight temperatures in Cape Town may well result in snow falling on Table Mountain and if this pic taken at 7.15am today from the upper cable car webcam is anything to go by then yes…there is snow on Table Mountain this morning.

snow table mountain august 2013

A light sprinkling of snow, but still. You can view the screen shot of the webcam at the official Table Mountain cableway website HERE.

It hasn’t been confirmed until someone makes their way to the top, but as soon as it is ill post more pics.

Brace yourself for social media in Cape Town to lose their sh*t. #tablemountainsnow


Few folks from @NoDangerDiaries missioned up to the top of Table Mountain this morning and took some pics.

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