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Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Edition 26/08/2013
Posted by on Aug 26th, 2013

record transfer

Gareth Bale will officially become the most expensive player in soccer history this week after Real Madrid agreed to pay €100 million for the Tottenham Hotspur player [Telegraph]

R1.2 billion tender scandal….to install and operate a fibre optic cable network around KwaZulu-Natal’s capital city awarded to man who he knows nothing about telecommunications [iol]

England’s cricket players celebrate their Ashes triumph by urinating on The Oval pitch. Stay classy poms. [Sydney Morning Herald]

All flights from SA airports could be affected today as 1 300 employees of SAA go on strike at 6am [EWN]

All Gupta-tv ANN7 blooper clips have been censored off YouTube. YouTube disabled all fair use clips of ANN7 on-air mishaps after Aiplex Software claims infringement; counter-notification filed with YouTube. [TV with Thinus]

The NSA bugged the United Nations headquarters in New York City, even gaining access to its internal video conferencing system, according to a German newspaper [Mashable]

22 year old photojournalist gang raped in Mumbai, India. Fifth man arrested over brutal attack [The Independent]

Drive-in sex boxes have opened for business in Zurich. Swiss city opens nine “sex boxes” where clients and prostitutes can meet safely and discreetly away from the centre [Sky News]

Petition to remove Ben Affleck as Batman reaches 65 000 plus signatures []

Ben Affleck signed to play Batman in ‘multiple movies’. So much for that petition. [NME]

Azhar says:
August 08, 2013 at 7:39 am

“Ben Affleck signed to play Batman in ‘multiple movies’. So much for that petition. [NME]”

-t said “if his role is successful”

so if he does end up playing Batman, it will only be in one movie

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