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Here’s what the weather in Montreal is like for the next 14 days [pic]
Posted by on Jul 18th, 2013

Ok so my bad about the lack of posts on Life is Savage the last few days…i was on a 26 hour flight and also my dumb ass forgot that i needed a different laptop plug here so my battery was drained yesterday. Sorted it out though and back online, safe and sound in Montreal, Canada. I’ve been coming here for 8 years now during the Cape Town winter and still to this day i get people asking ‘isn’t it cold in Canada?’ so i thought i’d school some of you quickly.

It’s winter in the southern hemisphere and summer in the northern hemisphere. Canada is in the northern hemisphere, hence it is summer here.

Geography 101.

And when i mean summer i mean proper nipple sizzling, sauna like, hair mincing, kak hot summer. This was the temperature on the day i arrived. Take note of the humidex ‘feels like’ temperature i circled in red which factors in the humidity.

Note also that besides the ‘feels like’ temperature being 44 degrees celcius…that screen shot was taken at 6.05 am and the temperature was already 25 degrees.

And while there is a heat wave on the go these are the temperatures for the next 14 days.

So for those asking…no it is not cold in Canada during summer.

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