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SportingbetSA launch first tweet powered horse race…yours truly is racing for charity [pic]
Posted by on Jun 27th, 2013

South Africa’s biggest online sports betting company SportingbetSA has revealed details of the first Twitter powered virtual horse race in the run up to the Durban July 2013 and yours truly has cracked the nod to compete against 9 others to win some money for charity. The race will take place on 3rd July and i’m gonna need your help to cross the finish line first and win R10 000 for my charity of choice, Alzheimer’s SA. Lank simple really…the horses will move when you tweet my horses name ( #WhoYourDaddy ) and the hashtag #BeTheStud.

SportingbetSA have created a nifty old school 8-bit style website for the race…check it.

be the stud

And we have some work to do coz the the competition is rather stiff hey. With the likes of Sias Du Plessis and Sasha Martinengo competing as well it’s gonna take some proper effort from you guys to leave their donkey’s in the dust.

And fear not that some of the other runners have tens of thousands more followers…the race will be handicapped by the number of mentions needed to win the race. So those with the most followers will have to reach a higher number of mentions than those with fewer followers, to ensure they all stand a fair chance to win and support their charity of choice.

Here’s our competition.

I know you wanna beat them.

So i’ll keep you updated closer to race day and let you know when to send out your tweets and what not.

In the mean time go check out SportingbetSA for their free R1 million Durban July bet HERE. Pick the correct order of the first 8 horses and you’ll walk away with a million ront. Entry is free so you got nothing to lose. If nobody gets it spot on they closest prediction will win R10 000.

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