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ANC issues a response to Kenny Kunene
Posted by on Jun 26th, 2013

So last week Life is Savage had some technical issues and i didn’t get to post the open letter Kenny ‘Sushi King’ Kunene wrote to Jacob Zuma. The letter recieved widespread applause from the public for saying what many are feeling. Kenny Kunene doesn’t exactly have many fans and is often ridiculed for his outrageous behaviour, but the open letter was suprisingly well recieved. Except by Zuma and the ANC…clearly they did not appreciate having their integrity questioned in public. Then Kenny went on radio and said some stuff about Secretary-General of the ANC, Comrade Gwede Mantashe.. So they have issued a response:

ANC Statement on fallacious utterances of a character called Kenny Kunene

The African National Congress is outraged by the ludicrous claims made about the Secretary-General of the ANC, Comrade Gwede Mantashe, on Kaya FM this morning by a character called Kenny Kunene. When these utterances started last week, the ANC regarded these as being part of being a broader oppositionist assault against the ANC intended to harm the integrity of the ANC and its leadership as the country prepares for the General Elections in 2014. It has now become clear that we are dealing with an individual of dubious character with no political mores or basic decency, intent to harm the African National Congress and its leadership with impunity. This character seeks cheap publicity to bolster his questionable political ambitions by hurling insults at our leaders and our movement.

The statements made that the Secretary-General, in private gatherings criticises the ANC President must never be accepted at face value as it is part of a campaign to divide the ANC leadership and weaken our organisation…

Blah blah…too long did not read the whole thing, but you can if you want HERE.

The African National Congress shall not waste its time anymore on this character and therefore shall not entertain any questions or interviews in this regard.

Issued by

Jackson Mthembu

National Spokesperson

African National Congress”

Anyways if you missed the original open letter Kenny wrote then see below.

Here’s Kenny’s open letter.

“Dear President Jacob Zuma…

I’m writing this because I’ve never been more disappointed with the ANC you lead. I was once your fervent supporter, I attended some of those night vigils during your trials, and, like many, I believed you would be the force for change the youth and the poor desperately need in our country. Like many others, I donated to your cause when I was called on, and allowed my facilities to be used for ANC and Youth League meetings, sometimes for unusual meetings where your political comeback was planned.

You may wonder what qualifies me to make any kind of political comment. As everyone knows, I’m just a socialite and a businessman, but it’s also no secret I am a hobbyhorse for politicians to ride whenever they want to criticise “crass materialism” and the decay of morals. It’s true, I like to spend, and I’m not an angel, but unlike politicians I’m not spending taxpayers” [full letter HERE]

Well said Kenny..well said.

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