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R198 million Clifton apartment a guy bought for his daughter [pics + video]
Posted by on Jun 18th, 2013

Ok so over the weekend the City Press ran a story about the record breaking sale of an apartment in Clifton. Apparently Macsteel founder, Eric Samson forked out a mindboggling R198 million on the 1 300m² luxury unit and it’s believed to be to be a gift for his daughter. City Press didn’t have any pics of the apartment and an internet search produced no results. They did however mention that the private sale was between Samson and Molori Private Retreats. So i did some digging and found out that the address they refer to, Unit 1 at The Clifton on Victoria Road used to be Molori Retreat and fits the description. The R198 million is a new record for the highest price paid for a home in SA.

So assuming Molori Clifton is the same place as the one that sold for R198 million then here are pics and video and a fact sheet.

198 million apartment

And here’s some more.

And if you wanna know what it looks like inside here’s a Top Billing segment where they walk around and get a tour.

Still can’t get over the R198 million price tag hey.

Here’s what you’ll get though for forking out that much tin.



Clifton Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
Size: Molori Clifton total square footage (interior/exterior) – 24,800 sq. ft.
Main Villa total square footage (interior/exterior) – 16,600 sq. ft.
Second Villa total square footage (interior/exterior) – 8,200 sq. ft.

The Main Villa can accommodate 12 guests

The Second Villa can accommodate 6 guests

Molori Clifton:

Molori Clifton is comprised of two extraordinary villas located side by side, each with its own private entrance. Each suite in both villas is designed in its own style – with distinct furnishings, state-of-the-art amenities and unique items sourced from all over the world. Showcasing the brand’s signature open-air design aesthetic, Molori Clifton’s custom retractable glass walls offer a seamless transition between the indoors and out, capturing the spirit of the property’s spectacular natural surroundings. Each individual suite is king-bedded, featuring sleek interiors and cutting-edge technology, including individual iPod docking stations.

Main Villa:
Interiors total 11,600 sq. ft., spanning three levels

Second Villa:
Interiors total 6,500 sq. ft., spanning three levels

Presidential Suite features King bed; extensive walk-in closets and a boudoir; a private media room and study; a master bathroom with his and hers sinks, a spacious marble bathtub and a separate steam shower; a private wrap-around terrace with a floating daybed and wrap-around retractable glass walls showcasing the Atlantic coastline and Twelve Apostles mountain range.

The master suite features a sitting area and connects to another suite via an expansive ocean-view terrace, complete with a six-person Jacuzzi. Both suites feature private steam showers, ample closet space, and retractable glass walls offering magnificent views of the azure Atlantic seaboard. The third suite is back-facing with a view of Lion’s Head Mountain

And those only a few of the features…for more click HERE.

Also if you wanna read the City Press article:

“Sale to steel magnate sets a new record for the highest price paid for a home in SA. The Clifton, Cape Town, flat that fetched R198 million late last year was bought by South African steel magnate Eric Samson – and is believed to be a gift for his daughter.”

“The apartment – at a cost of R1.5 million per square metre – boasts sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean through retractable glass walls.

City Press this week learnt that Samson’s daughter Franki Cohen lives in the 1 300m² luxury unit with its six bedrooms, gym, infinity pool and private cinema. Cohen declined to comment.

South Africa’s most expensive address, Unit 1 at The Clifton, is part of an apartment block consisting of six units overlooking white beaches at the foot of Cape Town’s Lion’s Head.”  [City Press]

June 06, 2013 at 1:05 pm

STUNNING home ! But I’d rather have a Lamborghini and a bachelor flat over looking Clifton.

R 198 million is ridiculous ! Beyond stupidity…

June 06, 2013 at 1:05 pm

If you are going to rent out the rooms at quite a hefty rental then it’s not a bad investment.

But as a stand-alone-home…it’s a waste of money !

Fredril says:
June 06, 2013 at 1:05 pm

My friend stays next door. Its a beautiful place and massive. They converted five or six apartments i to one. Amazeballs!

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