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Your Weekend Instructions – #69 [pic]
Posted by on Jun 14th, 2013

Been a while since i gave you fine people some weekend instructions, but you are getting lazy and letting your sh*t go so it’s time to get you back in line hey.

I saw a lot of dissatisfied people this week and i always say the same thing…if you are not happy with what you are doing then why the hell are you still doing it. I know it’s difficult sometimes, but in the majority of cases it was totally unnecessary and completely avoidable if they just did something else instead. This applies to your work, your relationships etc. Ungrateful people grind my tits and if they took a step back they’d realise that they have so much to be thankful for and could very easily make their world a more pleasant place if they did things that made them happy.

Which brings us rather nicely to your weekend instructions. This weekend i want you to go out there and think about only you and do something you love. It doesn’t matter what…can be the smallest thing, but just do it.

See what that person did on that office poster…I guarantee you that person is happy. It’s the small things my friend.

Have a great weekend folks.

Daddy loves you.

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