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There’s lucky…then there’s this damn guy [pic]
Posted by on May 16th, 2013

What’s the most you’ve ever won in the lotto? I’ve managed just under R500. I don’t even bother with those scratch card thingy’s because i’ve won absolute eff all on those. In fact i always told myself that those silly things are rigged and get your hopes up for nothing. You scratch and the first one is R100 000…then you keep scratching and boom another R100 000. Just one more and you’re in the money, but it never happens. You know that saying “you have a better chance of winning the lotto” when something is near impossible. Well this guy from Virginia is likely the only person who can say ‘f**k that saying’ because there’s lucky..then there’s Melvyn Wilson.

You see Melvyn just won $500 000 on one of those scratch cards. Lucky you say?

Hold that thought till i tell you that this damn guy retired in 2007 after winning $1 million on a scratch card. Oh and he also won $500 000 in 2004. And $25 000 in 2005.


Dude is pimping.

“They were already calling Melvyn Wilson “Mr. Lucky” back in 2005, when he hit the lottery three times in 10 months: $500,000 in November 2004, $25,000 in March 2005, and then $1 million from a scratch-off bought at a Woodbridge gas station in September 2005. Two years later, the postal worker retired. Now, he’s done it again: Wilson, 72, bought, scratched and won another $500,000 at the Handy Dandy Market on Occoquan Road in Woodbridge recently, the Virginia Lottery announced Tuesday.” [Washington Post]

Wonder if he wears a hat to stop random people from rubbing his head.

Jagter says:
May 05, 2013 at 1:20 pm

I’ll bet a also buys a shitload of tickets. Probably his biggest expense.

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