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US technology Executive of the Year awards – Saffas are winning everything
Posted by on Apr 22nd, 2013

Spotted a rad article in the Mail & Guardian and i thought i’d share since i bet you didn’t know either that 3 out of the first 4 winners of the prestigious Silicone Valley Business Journal Executive of the Year awards were handed to South African’s now living in the US. The awards were started in 2008 and have been dominated by those of SA decent. Rather remarkable fact that considering they were up against industry heavyweights.

Elon Musk, Paul Mauritz and brothers Peter and Lyndon Rive have all won the Executive of the Year award and they were all born and raised in SA.

The M&G article also mentioned a few other Saffa’s currently heading up large tech companies in the US.

“South African-born high-tech chief executives include Vinny Lingham, founder of Yola and Gyft; Willem van Biljon, co-founder of Nimbula; and Pieter de Villiers, founder and chief executive of Clickatell, the world’s largest online text messaging service.”

And they didn’t only focus on the tech industry..other Saffas that have made a big impact in the US include Pik Botha’s son, a Soweto businesswoman, lawyers, heads of pharmaceutical corporations and more.

Go read the entire article HERE.

You’ll feel proud.

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