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This painting that depicts Mandela as white and PW Botha as black…ejected from art gallery [pic]
Posted by on Apr 16th, 2013

Ok so in other news…some dude in Nelspruit is rather bleak that one of his paintings has been removed from an art exhibition because it was deemed unsuitable. The painting was created more than two years ago (long before the infamous Zuma wanger one), but was removed from the gallery because it depicted Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma as white and PW Botha, FW de Klerk as black.

The artist, Kobus Myburg, says it actually has a positive message behind it. That people of SA are equal regardless of skin colour.

Ok apart from it looking like a 10 yr old painted it, i think the painting should stay up hey. It is art after all and there is no offensive nudity. I actually think the artists interpretation is quite thought provoking.

“It is by no means a protest piece. There is a positive message, to show that we are actually all alike.

“That’s why I called the painting Simunye – the Zulu word for ‘we are one’. We are and remain equal, regardless of the colour of our skin.” [News24]

Pity that the powers that be are still so narrow-minded.

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