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My Sportingbet super rugby bet won’t win much,but how’s this two way bet…R50 to win R14k! [pic]
Posted by on Mar 28th, 2013

Right..last weeks round 6 of the super rugby tournament saw most people lose out on their accumulator bets due to the damn Waratahs beating the Blues. This week the odds are piss poor and picking the favourites will just about cover your bet. Only games likely to go either way are the Highlanders vs Reds and the Stormers vs the Crusaders. Either way putting down R50 will only win you around R300.

We don’t want that.

What we do want is to put R50 down on just two soccer results and win R14 000 with Sportingbet!

And how is that gonna happen? Well if my mate Kyle is to be believed then with a double like so.

Chelsea to beat Southhampton 3-0 and Spurs to beat Swansea 3-1.

Boom! Im feeling that.

Feel free to go put down money on a super rugby accumulator, but im gonna with that one.

[shot Kyle]

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