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This Responsibly Beer name is marketing genius [pic]
Posted by on Mar 26th, 2013

We’ve all marvelled at clever names of products and how advertising agencies sell brands in witty and innovative ways, but this Canadian beer company has gone next level with a stroke of marketing genius. The name may not be catchy, but hey have brilliantly made other ads work in their favour.

Behold…Responsibly Beer.

See what they did there.

Enjoy Responsibly…

And every other alcohol brand is now promoting them unknowingly.

Well played Responsibly Beer…well played.

Jayson says:
March 03, 2013 at 11:01 am

It’s actually an advertising campaign by the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission, it isn’t a real beer at all. Responsibly Beer is 100% advertising alone, as well as it’s cooler counterpart. The aim is to try and get young people to drink resesponsibly rather than recklessly. This has stirred quite a lot of controversy because it gives mixed signals to those who see or hear the ads. In fact you were duped.

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