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New meat scandal hits SA – the biltong you’re eating is not what you think it is [pic]
Posted by on Mar 1st, 2013

Last week a shocking study conducted by Stellenbosch University discovered that donkey, goat and water buffalo were found in up to 68% of South African meat products tested HERE. Those suspicions you had when you thought your burger tasted like ass were correct…it may actually have been ass you were eating. Damn…i’m straying way off course here. Anyways…some new revelations have come to light with the front page of the Cape Times this morning saying a new meat scandal has hit SA – the great biltong rip-off. 

biltong scandal

77% of all game biltong tested was not game at all.

And what was it you ask? Could it be donkey? Monkey? Dog? Satans wanger?

No, it’s even worse. That game biltong you bought is actually……beef.


Go buy the Cape Times to read more about this new revelation. And if you’re a game biltong lover then put the knife down and breathe. I heard they are opening a hot-line you can call to deal with the emotional trauma.


“Of the 146 samples tested over 100 contained undeclared meat species. All the samples marked beef were correctly labelled, but for the most badly labelled case 92% of packets of kudu biltong contained different species such as horse, giraffe, pork beef and even kangaroo.” [News24]


Dominique says:
March 03, 2013 at 7:27 am

I feel like they’d have to make special effort to get kangaroo meat instead of kudu…

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