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Summary of what investigating officers found at the Oscar Pistorius crime scene
Posted by on Feb 20th, 2013

It’s day 2 of the Oscar Pistorius hearing and this morning the state called investigating officer, Warrant Officer Hilton Botha, to the stand.

Here’s a summary of what Botha said and what was found on the scene.

  • he arrived at 4.15am the house to find the deceased victim wearing shorts and covered in towels
  • he believes Oscar is a flight risk
  • while on scene the lawyer and brother were there
  • police called a locksmith to open a safe looking for a memory stick with details of offshort accounts
  • he understands Oscar has a house in Italy
  • more charges added: posession of unlicenced ammunition. Police found .38 Special rounds
  • Oscar did not have a licence for a .38 weapon
  • upstairs and to the right is the main bedroom. Officers found an overnight bag and slippers
  • Botha explains the layout of the house- if you face the bed, the room entrance is behind you, bathroom entrance to the left. A passage with cupboards through it leads to the bathroom. You have to turn right to get into bathroom.
  • he found parts of the toilet door on the floor and cartridges, firearm on the mat
  • two cellphones were found in the bathroom. He collected them and two more Blackberries
  • the two iPhones were not used that morning. The Blackberries hadn’t been used in months
  • the top part of the toilet door was broken. Shots were fired through the door
  • four shots were fired through the door, four cartridges found. He used a cricket bat to break door
  • the shots were aimed at the toilet bowl. The toilet is in and to the left
  • to obtain the trajectory which created the holes, you’d have to be 1.5m from the door

Recess. Botha takes the stand again and the following is mentioned or takes place.

  • according to his preliminary investigations, the shooter would have to be inside the bathroom with back to basins
  • to get to the bathroom from the balcony you have to go passed the bed
  • the window leading from the toilet looks onto the backyard where there were two dogs
  • ballistics still dealing with projectiles and angles
  • it appears the trajectory was down – from top down. Angle from door to toilet seat
  • the bullets went through the top part of the door
  • the phones and firearm were found on the carpet close to the shower door near the toilet
  • the cricket bat was found in front of the first wash basin
  • once in the bathroom toilet there’s no way out. The window is small. If you make it through you’ll fall
  • police found two bottles of testosterone and needles
  • on the issue of the firearm under bed because of fear of crime. But he went to bed with door open?
  • he  found a holster for the firearm on the same side I found the overnight bag and slippers
  • it’s highly unlikely he was trying to protect himself or Reeva
  • we have a witness statement saying she heard what sounded like fighting, loud talking from 2am to 3am
  • then the witness heard gunshots
  • a witness says the lights were on
  • I believe he knew she was in the bathroom, fired four shots and killed her
  • I do not believe the story he was defending himself and protecting his girlfriend
  • also has a witness claiming he heard shots, checked the house to see the lights on, then screams and more shots

At this point defence advocate Barry Roux proceeded to cross-examine Botha. Go read the interaction HERE.

Will keep you updated.

The infomation above is once again obtained from Eyewitness News correspondent Barry Bateman who is doing a great job of  live-tweet proceedings HERE.

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