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They are now saying Francois Botha tested positive for banned substances against SBW, but is it rubbish?
Posted by on Feb 11th, 2013

The whole Francois Botha vs Sonny Bill Williams heavyweight title fight has turned into a complete sh*t show of a debacle hey. The fight was already controversial for being stopped in the 10th round HERE… none of the spectators or commentators or even Botha seemed to know why it didn’t go the advertised 12 rounds. And now on top of that it’s being reported (mostly by Australian media) that Botha tested positive for a banned substance. But officials from the Australian National Boxing Federation  said it would be “bizarre” if Botha was even tested, let alone did so knowing he would fail. Well respected Australian boxing enthusiast Sir Robert Jones went as far as saying the fight was ‘seedy, nasty and bogus’.

francois botha

The fight was billed as 12 rounds for a vacant WBA heayweight title, but it was unexpectedly stopped in the 10th round when Botha seemed on the verge of knocking out SBW. Doubt is also being raised over whether the fight was an actual official WBA title bout.

And then reports surfaced that Botha had tested positive for the banned substance Phentermine, but Australian officials have cast severe doubts on the findings.

“Hogg is the Australian National Boxing Federation Queensland representative and was the man who sent Botha for his full medical last week.

Hogg said there were no compulsory performance enhancing drugs tests required for boxers in Queensland and he had never heard of Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority spot-testing professional boxers in Queensland.” [CourierMail]

And then there’s well-respected Ozzie boxing critic Robert Jones who had this to say:

“Jones said everything about Friday’s fight was “seedy and nasty”.

“It’s an invasion of a pure sport … by impure people,” he said.

“I exclude Williams from that.

“He just seems to be an idiot adrift on a float of publicity, but it should never be given this attention and … it wouldn’t once. I mean, what’s going on in the world?”

The event gave boxing a bad image, when it had nothing to do with the sport.” [Stuff]

Yes…lank dodgy this story.

And the Quade Cooper fight…gimme a break. A blind-folded two year old coulda knocked his lame-ass opponent out.

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