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Why was the Francois Botha vs Sonny Bill Williams title fight only 10 rounds? [pic]
Posted by on Feb 8th, 2013

Ok so i’m not sure if you just watched the WBA heavyweight title fight between South Africa’s Francois Botha and New Zealand’s Sonny Bill Williams, but i just wanted to say i call bullsh*t. Williams won a unanimous decision on points, but the fight, billed and advertised as 12 rounds, was controversially stopped in the 10th round leaving many confused as to why it didn’t go the full distance. This especially after it looked like SBW was hanging on a thread in the 9th and 10th rounds. I have no doubt he would never had lasted till the end.

On being told the fight was shortened from 12 rounds to 10, Botha had this to say in the post-match interview: “I love Sonny Bill, i think he’s a great guy, a gentleman. But this is bullsh*t.”

Here’s the WBA card in the lead up to the fight clearly stating it was a 12 round affair.

And every single live commentary from the fight i looked at, all the experts were clueless as to why it was stopped in the 10th round.

And this.

Seriously can someone please explain why the f**k the fight was stopped in the 10th round just as SBW was getting his sh*t pushed in.

Was Bryce Lawrence the ref?

Mike says:
February 02, 2013 at 2:44 pm

Errr… reason the fight was stopped was because they had a NZ ref!
Sound familiar?

Peter says:
February 02, 2013 at 2:44 pm

This was supposed to be a title fight. My understanding is no heavyweight title fight can be under 12 rounds. I honestly thought Ashton Kutcher was going to pop out from under the ring when they announced it

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