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UK ready meals Findus found to contain 99% horse meat..oh look they sell Findus in SA [pic]
Posted by on Feb 8th, 2013

The Food Standards Agency in the UK  confirmed yesterday that ready made Findus Beef Lasagne was found to contain 99% horse meat. Ya…99% is pretty much all hey so they may as well say the whole damn thing is made of horse meat [insert horse sound here]. Government food officials have ordered big chain stores like Tesco’s to remove the products from shelves. The Findus product comes from a French supplier. Surprise surprise.

Anyways…i did a quick Google search and today i learned that they sell Findus right here in SA.

Neigh you say?


Ok now before you start having a frothy let me just say that ONLY the Beef Lasagne has been found to contain the horse meat and from what i can gather they don’t have that in their product list on the SA website. Only Teriyaki Beef.

Anyways here’s the story from The Independant.

“Findus beef lasagne ready meals were up to 100 per cent made from horse meat, Government food officials revealed tonight.

Some of the popular frozen meals contained entirely horse and not beef, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirmed as it disclosed the latest flagrant breech of food rules.

Shoppers who bought the products, made by the French food supplier Comigel on behalf of Findus, have been warned not to eat them.” [More HERE]

Last week Burger King dumped million of burgers after it was discovered that meat products from Irish supplier Silvercrest was found to contain horse meat.

Food Forensics says:
February 02, 2013 at 9:30 am

Regarding Findus South Africa Products containing “BEEF” in South Africa are already under extreme investigation. Which I have initiated.

They have stated they have already recalled the “Teriyaki Beef” from sale last week Friday being 08/02/2013.

Stating it has been sent for DNA testing and analyzing WHY? That’s the question WHY? The refuse to disclose the name of the Laboratory.

Apparently the results will be afforded myself by the 23/02/2013. HA! Yea right.

They say they only have ONE product containing “Beef” currently on sale in South Africa do they. Well its not just about what they have now. Simple Fact.

Lastly what is extremely sinister is that we all know “Teriyaki Beef” is well spiced and sauced.

Which will easily and without doubt hides the taste and texture of horsemeat, or any other kind of other meat.

Regarding Horsemeat and other meat DNA found in BOVINE BEEF. This DNA could also be proving to be the DNA of OFFAL. Also known as innards/guts etc etc.

So yup it is NOT just about the Horsemeat and other meats that is declared as Bovine BEEF.

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