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Vinepeek lets you see all Vine videos continually streaming in realtime
Posted by on Jan 28th, 2013

By now you would have learned of Twitter’s Vine app which lets users create and share six-second clips on the social network. It launched last week and is quickly being adopted by people willing to share a random 6 second clip with the rest of the world. Well someone not connected to either Twitter or Vine has created a voyeurs dream and put together a website called Vinepeek which provides a continual stream of all the videos being upoaded to Vine…in real time. 

I watched about 5 minutes of videos and there was some rather random stuff (even a clip of Lions Head believe it or not), but i can without hestitation tell you that you are pretty much guaranteed to see a penis or cats. So heed the warning…expect porn. Other than that it’s surprisingly mesmorizing watching the bizarre sh*t people are uploading around the world.

The stream is unmoderated so expect it to be shut down soon.


Once again..before you click the link be warned..some proper NSFW footage may pop up onto your screen at any moment so don’t blame me if you open it up in your office and some dudes wanger is waving around on your computer.

To see the contiNual live Vine stream click HERE.

There you go..your timewaster for the day.

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