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Watch Oprah confirm that Lance Armstrong admitted using banned substances [video]
Posted by on Jan 17th, 2013

Ya was all supposed to be hush hush till the actual interview between Oprah and Lance Armstrong airs in the US, but already several sources have confirmed that the former cycling legend admitted in the 90 min interview that he used banned substances. Well she didnt exactly come out and say that he doped, but she did mention that there was an agreement that contents the interview would remain under wraps, but several sources had already leaked what was said.

Have a listen to what Oprah says.

Well the folks at CBS seem pretty sure that Lance confesses to doping after denying it for a decade. Oprah also said in another interview that Lance did not come clean in the way she expected. Mmmmmm…not sure what that means.

Oprah Armstrong interview

I’m amped to see what Lance has to say, but get a funny feeling that they are spicing this sh*t up to get more people to watch the show which airs Friday South African time. As soon as footage becomes available from the US though i’ll post it for you.

UPDATE: i wrote this post yesterday so it’s not exactly fresh news hey.

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