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Jub Jub sentenced to 20 years in jail
Posted by on Dec 5th, 2012

SA Kwaito singer Jub Jub ( real name Molemo Maarohanye) has just been sentenced to 20 years in jail for murder. He also recieved an additional 4 years in prison for attempted murder and one year each for using drugs, racing on a public road and driving under the influence of drugs.

Jub Jub and Themba Tshabalala were drag racing in Protea North in 2010 when they slammed into a group of schoolboys, killing four and leaving two with permanent brain damage.

Jub Jub

Besides the 20 years for murder, the two were also sentenced to 4 years for attempted murder and one year each on the drug use, driving under the influence and racing on a public road charges which brings their prison terms to a grand total of 27 years.

“You did not premeditate the accident, it happened…. The court cannot impose the life sentence,” magistrate Brian Nemavhidi said.” [iAfrica]

This is the part where you make your own remarks about him deserving to go jail for killing 4 school kids.

Lloyd says:
December 12, 2012 at 5:10 pm

GOOD…!!! the cockroach must sit in jail, they should of given him 4 life sentences for the 4 lives that he ended.. and to think he sat there and actually tried to defend himself, be a man you f+#king rubbish, own up for your mistake.. Pappy wag vir jou..!!!!

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