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20 yr old Brazilian girl sells virginity for R6.8 million [pic]
Posted by on Oct 25th, 2012

Not sure if you’re aware of a rather controversial Australian documentary currently being made called Virgins Wanted where they are following the process of selling the virginity of a girl and a guy online to the highest bidder. It’s been going on for about month and well bidding closed yesterday with 20 year old Brazilian, Catarina Migliorini finally being snapped up by a Japanese guy for $780 000 or just over R6.8 million. The dude was picked up for a measely $3000.

Now before you judge the little Brazilian vagina peddler you should know that her cause is noble and not motivated by money *cough*…she’s apparently gonna use the cash to build houses for underpriviledged families.


The documentary maker will fly Catarina to her deflowerer and interview her before and after the act.

The site lists 15 bids for Catarina.


Oh and just so you know, Catarina says she’s not a prostitute…you’re only a prostitute if you sell your body for money more than once.

Yes..Catarina you keep telling yourself that.

[via Virgins Wanted]

Kenny says:
October 10, 2012 at 8:26 am

Apparently the transaction will take place on a plane so as not to violate any prostitute laws. A-hem yes Catarina selling your body even once for money is prostitution.

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