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Mass brawl between two wedding parties captured on cell phone [video]
Posted by on Oct 8th, 2012

Ya hey…plenty of wedding footage has gone viral over the years, but this one will do so for all the wrong reasons. Your wedding day is supposed to be a memorable occasion, but never because of a mass brawl where one guy died, several people got arrested and the bride got punched. Yet that is what folks are gonna remember about a wedding at a hotel in Philadelphia over the weekend where a mass brawl was captured on film after members of two seperate wedding parties started fighting.

One of the people died of a heart attack and four others were arrested. The mobile footage is rather blurry, but at one point the narrator can be heard saying ‘did they just deck the bride?’ after she apparently  drops to the ground.


Do appreciate the dude who was filming it who at one point shouting ‘it’s my freaking birthday go to bed’.

Ha! Nice try pal.

wedding brawl

Open bar i’m guessing.

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