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Newsweek’s Muslim Rage cover and hashtag gets hilariously mocked on Twitter
Posted by on Sep 18th, 2012

The folks at Newsweek sparked international controversy with their latest cover story centered around the recent riots in the Middle East caused by an anti-Islamic film. The cover story, “Muslim Rage: How I Survived It, How We Can End It”, provoked a massive reaction on social networks and then Newsweek had the bright idea to invite people to discuss it on Twitter. The #MuslimRage hashtag trended globally, but instead of the intended serious debate it was hijacked and mocked with some hilarious tweets.

Muslim Rage

That Newsweek tweet resulted in thousands of tweets using the #MuslimRage hashtag in an amusing way.

Here are some of the more entertaining examples, but they are coming in thick and fast some keep an eye on it today.

Muslim Rage


Well played people. Humour is always the best way.

And here’s the controversial cover that caused all the drama in the first place.

Muslim RageCome now’re better than that.

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