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Mitchell’s Plain man becomes SA’s first chess Grandmaster
Posted by on Sep 11th, 2012

Kenny Solomon from Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town has become the first person in South Africa to be given the title of chess grandmaster, the highest honour an international chess player can attain and a title held for life alongside greats like Gary Kasparov.

The Chess South Africa website reports that 32yr old Kenneth Solomon ‘has achieved his goal and life long dream of becoming South Africa’s very first Grand Master’ after the 40th edition of the World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul recently.


Nicely done boychay.

According to his own website:

“Kenny Solomon started playing chess in Mitchell’s Plain aged 13 after his older brother, Maxwell, was flown to Manila to take part in a Chess Olympiad there. Kenny saw that there was something other than the situation allotted him and immediately started reading any chess book he could get his hands on. He taught himself to play the game and in two years won the national championships. This beginning has set the standard for the rest of Kenny’s journey. Driven by tenacity and a desire to play with the best in the world, Kenny has taken on the odds and will continue to do so in his 2009 quest to become a Grandmaster. A steely combination of modesty, faith, resolve and strength, both physical and mental, are the things that will propel Kenny to his endgame.” [source]

Well he can scratch grandmaster off his list now.

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