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Best of Cape Town 2012 – Who makes the best Chinese food? [poll]
Posted by on Sep 6th, 2012

Time for another Best of Cape Town 2012 poll and this is the last time i’m explaining it. Only for the benefit of you new readers since all you regulars should know the drill by now. Basically i’m crowd-sourcing the best places in Cape Town via social media. Asking the regulars in Cape Town to nominate the places they feel are the best. Not experts or foreigners…just locals because nobody knows Cape Town like the locals. We’ve already covered the best burgers, best sushi, best pizza etc and if you wanna see the top 10 results of those then click HERE.

But today is all about a new poll suggested by my mate Murray Turner so i want you fine people to tell me:

Where in Cape Town would you go for the best Chinese food?

Best of Cape Town

Remember that your suggestions for best Chinese restaurant are not only about choosing the best restaurant in Cape Town, but more about giving people a choice. As was the case with all the previous polls..the most useful factor hasn’t only been enlightening others to what the locals think is the most popular venue, but instead showing them that there are other places out there equally as good that you probably never even heard of. Case in point – go check the results for best sushi, bet you never even heard of most of them.

So let’s hear it for best place to get Chinese food in Cape Town..we all wanna know where you go to get the best chow mein, crispy duck or sweet and sour pork?

You can leave a suggestion in the comments below this post or if you’re on Twitter then please send me a tweet  ( @lifeissavage ) and include the hashtags #BestOfCapeTown2012 and #BestChinese so i can track the results.

Right..let’s hear it.

Jacob says:
September 09, 2012 at 3:33 pm

haha Chinese food….more like getting the sh!ts! Never trust Chinese food…they are known for using cat meat and dogs in their food. Go to China and see what they eat there…anything goes there! Yip, I have been there and will never go back. They eat anything that crawls and there was a case this year in the papers where immigartion officials seized pills that were made from human foetuses…and it was from China. Im telling you now, if there weren’t animals to eat they wouldn’t think twice about eating people!!

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