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Camps Bay mansion on sale for R300 million [pics]
Posted by on Aug 31st, 2012

Got any spare change lying around? Well you may wanna splash it out on this Camps Bay mansion currently on sale for R300 million. The luxury residence situated in the Glen between Clifton and Camps Bay sits on 7000 square meters and if sold at that price will make it South Africa’s most expensive residential property. Enigma mansion comes with an ‘atelier, winter garden, sauna, gym, teahouse, massage temple, herb and vegetable garden as well as many terraces, with the highlight being an artistically-designed Olympic-sized swimming pool with marble inlays.’ Also with free sex slaves, an amusement park, a golden goose and a partridge in a pear tree . Ok those last few are not true, but for 300 bar it should be.

I could easily channel my inner Colombian drug lord on those pool chairs there.

Let’s take a look inside shall we. See what 300 bar gets you in terms of taste.

Trippy…wonder if that bottom one is the acid making room.

Plenty more pics where that came from on the website HERE. Even the intro music is decadent.

“The 7 130m2 Enigma Mansion has “a serene paradise garden, many terraces, parks, waterways and ponds, massage temples, surrounded by beauty and seclusion”, say estate agents’ websites.

The house was built by Glo Projects for an offshore company that owns other high-end properties around the world.

Building began in 2009 and was completed late last year. The 1 586m2 house boasts four banquet-sized reception rooms, three ensuite bedrooms, a master suite and a vast array of facilities, including a massage room, a gym, a sauna, a 80m2 3D cinema, a refrigerator room, garaging for six vehicles and a pool.

All functions in the house are controlled by iPads and the sound and video system throughout is “unsurpassed in South Africa”.

The house features “total lavish decoration and luxury, no expense spared, extreme detail in craftsmanship, imported world-class finishes, the most luxurious draperies from Paris”. [iol]

If any of you buy that i’m totally coming over to swim and pee in your pool.

Good times.

Jagter says:
August 08, 2012 at 10:17 am

Why does that type of money always twist people’s tastes towards Turkish brothel decor? (not that I’ve ever been in a Turkish brothel)

Gary says:
August 08, 2012 at 10:17 am

ja…I have to say…when I saw the pics of the interior…it looked quite porno

Si says:
August 08, 2012 at 10:17 am

Guys you are spending too much time in brothels, not in a sober state if I may add. The decor is timeless, artwork everywhere, the house is alive people…. ncncncnc!!!!

NoWay says:
August 08, 2012 at 10:17 am

Man, that is one ugly house. The outside is awesome, but the inside, yuk! I agree, it looks like a brothel. I was expecting something much more nicer.

August 08, 2012 at 10:17 am

Why would you want all those rooms? The pool option is quite cool…
Maybe they should have a gaming room, an internet room…maybe networking-gaming … 😀

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