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New dramatic CCTV footage of shirtless ex-Springbok Earl Rose destroying a fish shop with his BMW [video]
Posted by on Aug 28th, 2012

Remember last week i posted a rather fishy story of ex-Springbok, Earl Rose, smashing his speeding BMW into an iconic Gordon’s Bay fish shop HERE at 3am. It was reported that an eyewitness saw Rose climbing out of the driver side window without a shirt on, but he apparently told police his wife was driving at the time of the accident. Well CCTV footage has emerged showing footage from before and after the incident.

Have a look and tell me who you think was driving?

Not even close to making that corner.

And here’s the footage after the accident. Nothing happens till around the 55 second mark where it looks like his wife emerging from the passenger side and walking around the car to the driver side. At the 2.20 mark his wife can be seen running towards another vehicle and at the 2.45 mark Rose can be seen getting out of the vehicle without a shirt on.


Earl Rose

The police have opened a case of reckless and negligent driving.

There’s more footage over at  Sports Scoopsz from the CCTV camera inside the store as the car smashes into HERE.

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