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Kevin Pietersen controversial text messages revealed..he called Strauss a ‘doos’
Posted by on Aug 20th, 2012

The controversial text messages that resulted in English cricketer Kevin Pietersen being axed from the test squad have  allegedly been revealed with the Daily Mail (yes i know) reporting that in one of the texts he sent to members of the South African team he called England captain Andrew Strauss a ‘doos’.

Ah KP…as much as South Africans think you’re a chop you deserve at least some brownie points if indeed you used an Afrikaans slang term to describe your English captain. The p-word woulda got you a whole lot more points, but ‘doos’ is SA enough.

kevin pietersen

Strauss has been warned that he will not be considered to play for England until he reveals the full content of all the texts.

“At least one text – sent by the South African-born England batsman to opposing South African players – referred to team mate Andrew Strauss as a ‘doos’. In Afrikaans the word literally means ‘box’, but it has a slang application of ‘dumb c***’.

The message, thought to be one of a series, cost Pietersen his place in the crucial final Test against South Africa at Lord’s. And the disclosure of its obscene content will deepen divisions within the England team and further infuriate Strauss, who was also born in South Africa. [Mail Online]

Haha!..a ‘box’.

I honestly wonder if there were any texts sent at all hey. I get the feeling that the English camp are making this whole thing up just so they get KP out of the squad.

KP is friends with several of the SA team members and it makes no sense why they would rat him out especially if he describes it as ‘friendly banter’.

August 08, 2012 at 8:18 am

Who cares?

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