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Are these the best two images of the 2012 Olympics so far? [pics]
Posted by on Aug 2nd, 2012

Totally suckered you into reading this post with that headline, but now that you’re here read on my lovely.

The 2012 London Olympics is in full swing and thousands of pics are being uploaded and circulated daily. Still havn’t seen one that would define the games, but these two examples have caught my eye…well my childish, toilet-humour-loving eye at least.

That is called the rear naked bunghole move. Very hard to get out of.

And someone thought it would be amusing to photoshop pics of Olympic divers onto toilet seats. They were right.

Kak funny. (see what i did there)

Sorry if you thought this was gonna be a serious post on amazing Olympic photographs…truth be told i was gonna show you 55 awesome, high quality pics of the Olympics so far on the Big Picture, but there were too many so i changed my mind.

If your really wanna see those legitimate Olympic pics then click on HERE.

Good times.

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