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Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Edition 08/07/2012
Posted by on Jul 9th, 2012

NASA releases a Mars panoromic image. A full-circle high resolution images composed of 817 seperate images. Click to see the larger version.

Doomsday internet virus will boot hundreds of thousands of people off the internet today [LifeIsSavage]

Andy Murray didn’t win Wimbledon…again. [Sky]

Minister of Communications in SA, Dina Pule, faces forensic probe into misuse of R36 million. Full steam ahead on the corruption train [Sunday Times]

A former high ranking Scientologist has revealed how the cult spent a fortune on lavish gifts for Tom Cruise like nickle plated motorbikes,an aircraft hanger, golden anal probes and alien dildo’s..ok i made those last two up [Sun]

50 Cent apologizes for insensitive tweets on autism…in a twitter argument recently he told a user “yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic.” [Hollywood Reporter]

The latest Zapiro cartoon depicting President Zuma as a giant shower headed penis is making everyone in government angry. The presidency, the ANC, the ANC womens league ,the SACP…errbody is getting their panties in a bunch. [LifeisSavage]

Heavy rains in Cape Town displace more than 5500 people . City steps up relief efforts [Times Live]

2005 South African Idols winner, Karin Kortje arrested for drunk driving. [Channel24]

Academy Award winning actor  Ernest Borgnine died [Gawker]

Malema (yes he’s still going) tells rally that Zuma is ruining the ANC…video footage of rally speech [M&G]

Guy places £1,520 bet in 2003 that Roger Federer would win Wimbledon seven times before the year 2012. On Sunday his bet paid out £101,840 . Pity he’s not alive to see it, but he left the ticket to a charity who recieved the payout. [MailOnline]

Coca Cola to start selling the famous soft drink in more affordable plastic bags in parts of South America [Gizmodo]

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