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Fifty Shades of Grey author makes R10.6 million…a week
Posted by on Jul 3rd, 2012

Horny moms are buying the erotic porn best seller Fifty Shades Of Grey  at such a rapid pace that author, E.L James is making roughly R10.6 million…a week.

Everytime a woman opens that book and her front bum tingles, E.L James goes kaching. All because you ladies can’t get enough of stuff like this:

“’I’m going to f*ck you now, Miss Steele,’ he murmurs as he positions the head of his erection at the entrance of my sex.”

“’Don’t hesitate,’ he admonishes me softly, an undercurrent in his voice, and he pops the balls in his mouth. F*ck, this is sexier than the toothbrush.”

“Not taking his eyes off mine, he scrunches my panties in his hand, holds them up to his nose, and inhales deeply.”

Bet that small excerpt even made your no-no hole pucker and smile.

Anyways…some nerdy folks cruched the numbers and apparently E.L James makes the following.

“It’s safe to assume that E.L. James has long ago sold enough copies to repay her seven figure book advance, which means at this point she is earning the standard 7% royalty on every $14 paperback and 25% royalty on every $10 ebook. In the last month, James has sold 4 million paperbacks and 1 million ebooks which equates to $2.94 million in paperback royalties and $2.497 million in ebook royalties. In other words $5.4 million in four weeks, $1.35 million per week!” [Celebrity Net Worth]

I’m totally gonna start writing my own local Cape Town version of Fifty Shades of Grey…with gems like:

‘I’m going to pomp you now Mavis…duidelik, remove your false teeth and let my slap chip swim in your passion gap’.

Good times on the Cape flats.

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