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Malema formally expelled from the ANC…the tribe has spoken: Tsek
Posted by on Apr 25th, 2012

It’s been said before, but then there were appeals and suspensions blah blah, but now it’s for realsies. Julius Malema has been officially expelled from the ANC and must vacate his position with immediate effect.

Juju: the tribe has spoken…tsek.

Last night the national disciplinary committee of the ANC officially confirmed that Julius Malema has been formally expelled from the party.

“In respect of the present disciplinary hearing, the NDCA confirms the sanction imposed by the NDC that the Appellant be expelled from the ANC” ANC National Disciplinary Committee of Appeal chairman Cyril Ramaphosa said in a statement.

The confirmation of the expulsion of Malema from the ANC spell the widely predicted death knell of his political future in the party and comes at a time when the Hawks and the taxman are preparing to swoop on the embattled youth leader.”[NewAge]

They also said ‘ are the weakest link’

Ok so they didn’t really say that last part, but let’s pretend they did hey.

[thanks Yaghyah and Ryan]

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