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Best of Cape Town 2012 – Best Burger [top 10]
Posted by on Apr 13th, 2012

Following on from last weeks inaugural Best of Cape Town 2012 post where i crowd sourced which was the best sushi place in the city [results HERE] i asked locals and folks in the know this week which establishment they thought served the best burger in Cape Town.

If you still don’t know what i’m trying to achieve then let me school you quickly: Instead of having to search through numerous reviews or probably biased expert opinions on what the best places in Cape Town are, i’m instead creating a list comprised of insider knowledge…a reference list as it were, chosen by locals with a little help from two of SA’s top go-to people  @concierge_ryan and @Jodenecoza . The list is solely based on mentions across social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and also the comments on this here website.

So just in time for Friday lunch here’s the Top 10 list of where you will find the best burger in Cape chosen by the people. The top 2 places were streaks ahead of the rest and there was very little seperating them.

Best Burger in Cape Town 2012

  1. Hudsons : Corner of Portswood and Somerset Road Green Point, Cape Town, 021 433 1496 (they also have two other restaurants)
  2. Royale Eatery: 273 Long Street, Cape Town, 021 422 4536
  3. The Dog’s Bollocks: 6 Roodehek Street, Gardens 0834407843
  4. Cafe Caprice:  37 Victoria Road , Camps Bay 021 438 8315
  5. Clarke’s : 133 Bree Street, Cape Town ,021 424 7648

For the full Top 10 list click HERE.

Not much seperating the top two places hey, but Hudson’s Burger Joint came out tops just narrowly beating out Royale Eatery.And i’m not gonna tell you which burger’s on the menu were the most popular. You’ll have to go to those places and find out for yourself.

I coulda told you though that the top 2 places would be that, but i will say that i have never tried the place that came third, The Dog’s Bollocks. Apparently it’s a one man operation run from an okes garage in Gardens. He only makes a limited amount of burgers a day and when he runs out that’s it, you have to come back tomorrow. Note also the number 9 spot belonging to Spur. Apparently the 2-1 Goodie burger special is the bees tits if you’re hungry.

And as with last week, it’s amazing that in the top 10 i have eaten burgers at only 4 of them. Will definitely have to go try out the rest now.

In total 28 restaurants were mentioned and over 100 mentions were taken into account. Other restaurants that were mentioned but didn’t make the top 10 include Gormet Burger, Tasha’s, Sotano, Sauls, &Union, Percy’s , Karoo Cattle and Land, La Bottega, Firemans Arms and Barocca.

Don’t be shy to leave a comment on what you think of the list and if’s there’s any places we may have missed.

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