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Just R50 will net you R3 336 in my Super Rugby accumulator this week on Sportingbet SA
Posted by on Apr 12th, 2012

Ok so by now you should know that sports betting is a rather easy way to make some drinking or rent money and you probably noticed a lot of media attention being focus on people scoring huge hauls over the the last couple of months by placing small accumulator bets on multiple games. On their own the odds are not that great, but throw several games together and the odds climb dramatically. A couple of weeks back i woulda walked away with R7000 after putting down just R35 and if it wasn’t for the damn Sharks i woulda been styling.

Sportingbet SA is where i put my money down and this week i have a very plausible accumulator bet for you to try where just R50 (or two beers) will net you a very tidy R3336 . Seriously.. just take a look at what i picked and tell me this isn’t completely doable.

Does that not look solid!? Apart from maybe the Force vs Waratahs game i think i’m golden. The Tahs have been playing some kak rugby since the start of the tournament and the Force are at home again. If they can grab a win then there’s a good chance that the other games will go as planned.

And if you’re gonna tell me that i’m putting all my eggs in one basket then you’re mistaken. I’ve obviously hedged my bets and made several bets with different combinations eg I placed the same bet as the one above except i changed the result of the Tahs/Force game. It won’t net you nearly as much but at least you got yourself covered if it does go that way.

But don’t listen to me…go make your own predictions and lemme know how you do. And the legend folks at Sportingbet SA have made it even easier for you if you don’t feel comfortable predicting the outcomes. Have a listen to their predictions and tips for the weekend.

Nice..i like what they saying, but the Force better win dammit.

No go visit Sportingbet HERE and let’s make some cash hey.

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