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World’s creepiest app removed from iTunes store after complaints that it’s stalker heaven [pic]
Posted by on Apr 2nd, 2012

A controversial new app using geo-location tracking to show a user where women were checking in nearby has been removed from the App Store after widespread critism and privacy concerns.

The Girls Around Me app uses publically available data from Foursquare and Facebook  to automatically pinpoint the location of specific women near users without their knowledge. The creator of the app however says his goals have been misunderstood.

Yep..some serious stalker tendancies happening there. Developer didn’t do himself any favours by going  with that ‘just looking for a one night stand” part.

“An iPhone app that in effect allowed users to stalk women nearby using location-based social networking service Foursquare has been pulled from the iTunes app store by its developer after an outcry.

The “Girls Around Me” app used publicly available data from the check-in service Fourquare to show where women had checked in nearby. Foursquare then yanked the Girls Around Me app’s access to its data. This, in turn, led to the app’s developer to remove it from iTunes as it did not work properly.

“US technology blog Gizmodo labelled the Girls Around Me app the “world’s creepiest”, as did The New York TimesBits blog, which said it “definitely” won the prize for being “too creepy”.” [SMH]
Some critic even went as far as saying it is a ‘tool for rapists’.

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