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BBC airs CCTV ‘payment’ footage of Dewani at Cape Grace hotel [video]
Posted by on Mar 30th, 2012

So last night the BBC aired its Panorama special called The Honeymoon Murder featuring never before seen CCTV footage examining in detail the hours leading up to the death of Anni Dewani while on honeymoon in Cape Town. The 60 minute programme claims to show evidence that there was a payment exchange between Dewani and taxi driver Zola Tongo who has been jailed for 18years for the murder.

Shrien Dewani will find out today at 11.15am South African time whether his appeal to be extradited to SA has been successful or not.

Here’s some of the CCTV footage of Shrien Dewani and his wife at the Cape Grace hotel hours before his wife died.

That excerpt doesnt show the actual ‘payment exchange’, but it’s interesting to note that the guy looking at the video seems to think that Shrien doesn’t appear to be someone distressed knowing that he plotted his wifes murder.

I tried to get the entire 60 min footage, but the programme is not available to viewers outside of the UK. I was gonna use a proxy address to watch it, but its too much effort and im sure it will pop up on the interwebs in the near future.

Pics of the alleged exchange on  CCTV footage have been released however.

Will let you know as soon as the full footage is available.

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