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Reebok ad gets pulled for encouraging guys to cheat on their girlfriends…fail [pic]
Posted by on Mar 23rd, 2012

Remember Reebok? Back in the day every kid at school wanted a pair of those ones that you could pump up.

Well they have kinda faded into the backgroud what with PUMA and the other footwear companies taking up the majority of the market share and they’re gonna stay at the back of the pack if their latest marketing campaign is anything to go by. One of their ads in gyms across Germany has been removed after it recieved thousands of complaints.

Here’s a quick lesson from Reebok on how not to market your brand.

Yes..not ideal that.

“Reebok quickly pulled their controversial “Cheat On Your Girlfriend” ad campaign after the athletic sports line came under fire for promoting philandering.

The ad, which ran in Germany, was taken down after Reebok received numerous complaints — including a letter from the founder of — demanding that the ads stop.” [RadarOnline]

Someone is getting fired for sure and won’t be working in advertising anymore ever.

Bianca says:
March 03, 2012 at 9:15 am

I was about to comment and say that “only really insecure, stage 5 clinger types would believe a poster could convince their boyfriends to cheat” but then I back-tracked and saw the PUMA ad you posted (wow) so now I’m like “Suck it Reebok, your ads are lame!”

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