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If the world knows who Joseph Kony is, it will unite to stop him…or make a charity rich? [video]
Posted by on Mar 8th, 2012

That headline may seem a tad provocative, but i wanted to get your attention. Not only the attention of people who havn’t seen the video, but also for those who already have and shared it. Yesterday the KONY 2012 video made the rounds on blogs, social media networks and at least 10 people sent me the link via email. I watched it and wasn’t gonna post anything because quite honestly i didn’t wanna sound like a heartless prick on a day when everyone was saying what an evil warlord he is that has enslaved tens of thousands of children forcing them to kill and turning young girls into sex slaves.

If you didn’t catch it, a non-profit organisation called Invisible Children created a 30 min documentary and since it’s release on Monday it has over 10 million views on Youtube and has trended worldwide on Twitter and Facebook. A commendable achievement and an unprecedented use of social media to raise awareness.

Thing is…(here’s the part where im gonna sound like the heartless prick) …

“Is awareness good? Yes. But these problems are highly complex, not one-dimensional and, frankly, aren’t of the nature that can be solved by postering, film-making and changing your Facebook profile picture, as hard as that is to swallow. Giving your money and public support to Invisible Children so they can spend it on supporting ill-advised violent intervention and movie #12 isn’t helping.” [source]

If you havn’t seen it then have a look.


Did you watch the entire 30 min though? Or were you one of those people that watched just a few minutes to get a general idea and then jumped on the social media bandwagon? Be honest.

The Invisible Children organisation has come under fire for only using 30% of the money they recieve to actually help in Uganda. The rest they use for making films, salaries and travelling. The non-profit organisation also has a dismal 2 star rating by watchdog Charity Navigator because it refuses to have it’s financials audited independantly.

And where does the money go…well it goes toward helping and defending the Ugandan government’s army which have themselves been accused of raping and looting.

I’m not gonna blab on about this because the subject matter is rather heavy and emotional, but you should really read THIS and THIS to get both sides of the story.

Jules says:
March 03, 2012 at 1:22 pm

Good to have perspective and thanks for sharing

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