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And the most inappropriate T-shirt of the year award goes to…SEARS for this gem [pic]
Posted by on Mar 7th, 2012

Remember last year year when South African clothing store Foschini got feminists all in a huff because they made a couple of offensive t-shirts one of which had instructions on how to get laid HERE.

Well North American clothing giant SEARS has had to remove and apologise to it’s customers for putting this gem up for sale on it’s website.

Hahaha…if you can’t see it says “I heart Butt Plugs“. Very classy that.

My mate Ryan would love that.

“Sears is facing some much-deserved criticism today for selling t-shirts mocking violence against women. T-shirts reading “Don’t make me kick you in the fallopian tubes,” “Nice girls don’t use pepper spray” and “I heart butt plugs” have all been pulled today after shoppers threw fit on Twitter.” [source]


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